The struggle is real. Do you buy a home right now, or continue to rent? While there are many misconceptions about why a person thinks they should continue to rent - transient job status, inability to maintain a property, afraid to “take a risk” etc. - the overwhelming evidence shows it is fiscally prudent to purchase a home instead.  According to the Tampa Bay Times, people earning an average wage in the Tampa Bay area spend between 37% - 48.7% of their income on rent, whereas, home owners spend only 32% – 34.7%on their monthly mortgage. (

So why aren’t more people purchasing homes? One misconception is transient job status. In other words, they move a lot with their jobs. Purchasing a home is a great investment. As it continues to build equity, it continues to build wealth for your future. It is also necessary to our psychological wellbeing, to have a place to call home. Michael Schreiner, from Evolution Counseling, says it best, “where the existential meets the physiological, where the biological and spiritual align, is in the deep human need we all feel, at some level of awareness, to have a place to call home.” (

Another misconception is some people do not feel they can maintain a property. There are many property options where the owners have minimal maintenance responsibilities. Some condo associations and even some HOAs include outdoor maintenance in their dues. Other properties simply do not have anything to maintain. And, of course, there are always the neighborhood youngsters willing to do projects around the house for extra money, so they can purchase an item their parents told them they would need to earn for themselves.

For those afraid to “take a risk”, the market has adjusted itself to more than compensate for past errors of judgment. When the recession hit in 2008-2009, the average American household lost a third of its net worth. ( The housing crash contributed, along with systemic factors already in play, to create a volatile environment of debt. Now, almost ten years after the start of the fall, the data shows the U.S. housing market has gained back $9 trillion in value. ( Essentially, righting itself once more.


Therefore, if you are struggling with the decision to buy a home or continue to rent, investigate your buying options. Contact a trusted professional - we at Tampa Bay Home Team have over 65 five-star reviews on Zillow and have been a part of more than 1400 buying/selling real estate transactions over the last 15 years. We will work with you to find the perfect home for your family/budget needs. With constant changes in interest rates and property values on the rise … the time to buy is NOW.