Every year they descend on Florida like the morning dew...They bring with them their smiles, accents and cars. They fill our shops, restaurants, neighborhoods and streets. Some call them winter visitors, some fondly refer to them as snow birds. For some it will be their first time; sadly for some, it may be their last. If you are anything like me, you look forward to this annual migration of friends. But, how do you prepare for this seasonal transplanting of our beloved Florida compatriots? Below are a few tips to make this year’s peopling successful and worry free.

Call ahead and find out when they intend to arrive. For some, the journey is long. Knowing a date of expected arrival will give you a timeline to accomplish a few small acts of kindness to make their return pleasant.

Sweep their driveway. We have a lot of wind and rain in Florida which can leave debris piled up in their driveway and entryway. Sweeping their driveway is a simple way to lessen the stress of their approach and show them you care.

Leave a potted plant or flowers in front of their entrance. Nothing says, “Welcome back” or “We thought of you” like a lovely gift awaiting them when they get there. Coming home to an empty house can be daunting. Having their second home closed up all summer can leave it musty and feeling dank. If you have keys, open it up for a bit, spray air freshener, place flowers in the rooms...these are all ways to brighten the entrance and begin their annual visit with a smile.

Place a food basket with a meal prep for their first meal at home, or snacks they enjoy, in the kitchen. Not having the, “What do you want to eat?” conversation among themselves, upon arrival, can also lessen the stress of their pilgrimage back to Florida and set them up for a successful stay.

Complete all your errands a couple days before hand. Sometimes being on-hand as your winter friends settle-in can be a real blessing for them. Hospitality shown by your presence will reinforce the welcoming atmosphere of our splendid home state of Florida. Remember, you are lucky to live here year-round, share that luck and love with your winter visitor friends. If they are looking to make Florida their permanent, year-round home, or if you know anyone who is interested in purchasing/selling a winter home, pass along our phone number and web address - we promise to help make their transition as simple and smooth as possible (Joe: 813-321-(HOME) 4663; Joe’s Cell: 813-784-0141 main office: 813-600-1604 and https://www.tampabayhome.com/).

The roads will get busier, the lines at the stores will get longer; take it all in stride. Enjoy the friendship and even local economy boost our snow bird friends give us while they are here. Most of all, remember to smile. They just made a long trek back and will be oh-so happy to see you.


Winter is coming...