Land O' Lakes

Land O’Lakes is located in the fast developing Pasco County and is a short distance away from downtown Tampa and Gulf Coast Beaches. It is not only the number of residents in Land O’Lakes that has been rising exponentially but the living standards of the residents as well. In the 90s, the population of the community observed a growth of about 300%. This owes to the fact that the average annual income in Land O’Lakes is higher than all of Florida. Currently, over 32,000 people reside in the community in more than 11,000 households. Land O’ Lakes is one of the exclusive communities in Pasco County as it has been featured in a Hollywood movie by Tim Burton ‘Edward Scissorhands’.

The community combines a suburban atmosphere with metropolitan amenities. The value of real estate in the area ranges from $100,000 to over a $ 1 million. From studio apartments, single family homes, townhouses to lakefront cottages and luxury homes, the community has a place for everyone. The recently developed neighborhoods in the area include Asbel Estates, Concord Station, Stonegate and LakeShore Ranch. Even though real estate values have been on a constant rise for the last few years, it is still much more affordable than other Gulf Coast Communities.

Things to do in Land O' Lakes

If you are looking for everyday facilities, most of your demands can be easily fulfilled by the Land O’ Lakes Recreation Complex. The complex is located on an area of 79 acres and features indoor and outdoor basketball courts, gym, football field, tennis court, swimming pool, playgrounds and much more. The complex even offers canoe and boat ramp access. Besides the complex, the community also offers lake fishing and hiking trails for adventurists.

In the vicinity of the town, different festivals are held all around the year. These include Famous Flapjack Festival, Jellybean Jamboree and Taste of the Town Festival. Such events ensure that residents have some activity to engage in all the time.

Land O’Lakes is filled with educational institutions with more than five elementary schools, two middle schools and two high schools. Moreover, the University of Florida is located at just a distance of 13 miles from the city center. The community is well connected to the state of Florida as it has multiple highways running through it such as Suncoast Parkway, U.S Route 41, SR 54, SR 597 and County Road 583. So if you are looking for a healthy and prosperous lifestyle but do not want to be a part of the urban metropolitan, Land O’Lakes is the place to purchase property.

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