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In a short sale the lender is willing to accept less than what is owed on the home loan, which if lender approved, can be a great alternative to foreclosure.

But the short sale process can be a very technical and complex transaction with each lender, bank, and financial institution having its own criteria for accepting and closing short sale transactions.

The Tampa Bay Home Short Sale Team is on your side and ready to help.

Mortgage Trouble? A Short Sale Can Avoid Foreclosure

When you bought your house you never thought you’d be in this situation, where you owe more than the property is worth. But it’s time to face reality, get out from under your overdue mortgage, get the deal done and get on with life.

What can a short sale do for you?

  • A short sale allows the seller to get out of an upside-down mortgage.
  • A short sale can help you preserve your credit rating by helping you avoiding foreclosure.
  • A short sale can get you in another home faster.
  • Most importantly, a short sale can give you your life back as the lender is no longer banging on your door threatening to evict you.

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In order to short sale your house you first need to get approval from the lender. This means not only providing the right documentation exactly when needed and negotiating with the lender throughout the process, but also convincing the lender that you are not able to pay your mortgage by proving a long-term hardship such as:

  • Divorce.

  • Job relocation.

  • Job loss.

  • Major home repairs that you cannot afford to pay for.

The Tampa Bay Home Short Sale Team is the best in the Bay area and ready to help. Through our relationships with lenders, specialists, and other service professionals we are uniquely positioned to help you successfully navigate the world of short sales.

And keep in mind that the lender may allow closing costs to be deducted from the sale proceeds meaning that you, the seller, wouldn’t have to those fees out of your pocket. But also remember that in a short sale while the seller may have no costs, he or she also isn’t getting any money from the sale – that goes to the lender to pay the note.

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Buyers: Great Opportunities on Short Sale Houses Available Right Now

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For short sale home buyers looking for a bargain the Tampa Bay Home Team can help you find your perfect buying opportunity and also aggressively negotiate price and terms to make a great deal even better for you.

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Joseph has sold more than 300 properties since 2008 earning a position in the top 5% of all agents in the Tampa Bay area and brings the extensive resources of the Keller Williams Family of Realtors to his clients.

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